Massage to You

Let me bring the Massage  to You!


Having a family reunion, girls weekend, bridal party, class reunion?  Why not have a licensed massage therapist on site to provide massages during your stay.  Deb Benton, licensed  massage therapist in NC and SC, will come to your location and set up for the day to give therapeutic relaxing massages. Table and all necessary equipment provided, you provide quiet space/room with power.


Minimum 3 massages per day.
Can do multiple days.

Therapeutic Massage
60 minutes $140.00 / 90 minutes $180.00

Add On To Your Massage:

Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliant with Luxurious Aragon ButterApplication – 45 mins $80

Hot Coconut Oil Deep Scalp Massage – 30 mins $50

Essential Scalp Massage: 15 mins added  $25.00
Applications of PositiveZenergy Essential Oils are applied to the head and acupuncture points. A vigorous scalp massage makes  an indulgent addition to any massage.

Aroma Energy Massage

Tapping into the intense sensory experience, a PositiveZenergy essential oil, of the clients choice, essential oil with be added to the carrier oil and applied to the skin during the massage, inducing deep relaxation and increasing a sense of well being.
60 minutes $150.00
90 minutes $190.00

• Reiki Healing Sessions
• Corporate Events
• Bachelorette Parties
• Family Reunions

*Service price based on number of people and/or
number of services. $200 minimum.


What clients are saying:

“I have been a client of Rev. Deb for over 12 years and she always has the cure for whatever ails me.  Whether I need her to remove the knots in from my neck from my super stressful job, a reiki session to heal, (yes I said heal) a problem that affected my kidney, or just needed a good “talking to” to gain perspective and get my priorities back in line – all I have to do is get on The Rev’s table and be open.  Even if I don’t say a word, somehow, she knows EXACTLY what I need to get my mind, body and spirit back into balance even when I don’t.  I am so very grateful to have her in my world.” 

– Ginger Hodge

“I have struggled with back problems and flexibility over 20 years and have turned to massage therapy to keep healthy. Deb is by far the BEST therapist I have experienced. I am amazed at how much she was able to reduce my pain and increase my mobility in a single session.”  I am so grateful to have found her.

 – Jill Deardorff, Tennis Pro, Wyndham Ocean Ridge Resort