PositiveZeneregy is Rev. Deb’s Mind, Body & Spirit Venture.

Rev. Deb Benton approaches her work with the utmost integrity and consiousness. After 3 years of study, at the Brigade of Light Ministerial School, to become an Ordained Minister in 2003, she learned to connect her work to the mind, body and spirit. We are all connected, we are all one, and this is incorporated in every aspect of her work.  Her massage techniques and energy work are intentional and healing.

Learning from many different Master Teachers from all religions, working with native american shamans and sage’s from around the world, she has discovered the only true teaching is that we love one another.  She has a unique intuitive guidence system that helps her understand, on a core level, issues being faced by her clients.

Deb offers with her Creation Counseling, a fresh matter of fact voice to the teachings of the Law Of Attraction, Affirming Positive Affirmations and Creative Manifestations.  Her workshops involve a focused attention toward helping people find their joy and purpose during this glorious lifetime. Trained as a Master Gardner at NCSU, Deb learned the value of incorporating her love of Mother earth into planing new thoughts and ideas into your daily life.

“All change begins with thought. Spend time reflecting on your own patterns of thinking. Do your thoughts offer you the sense of peace you seek and deserve or do they add to feelings of turmoil and suffering? We become empowered when we take this first step and become aware of how our thinking and emotions impact our lives.
Many of us have faced adversity at one point or another. We cannot change the past, nor do we need to. We have the power from within us to allow us to begin anew at any moment. The power is always available. Shift your focus and energy away from your have-nots to your wildest dreams. Your heart will smile with delight when what you desire shows up in your movie you call life.”

Deb is also a NC/SC Licensed Massage Therapist incorporating whole body healing – mind, body, spirit.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, she incorporates traditional Usi Reiki, Intuitive Reiki and the energy chakra systems throughout her classes.

Deb is always supported by many Master Teachers and benefactors who come into her life and share their wisdom.